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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sacred Dragon Death

Dragon Ball or the sacred dragon once been killed by Demon King Picolo. In the chapter of return of King Picolo. The Sacred dragon had been killed after he granted King Picolo wish. At this time no one could ever beat King Picolo, even Goku and Master Roshi.

King Picolo killed sacred dragon with hope that no one will ever use the wish to challenge him in the future. But the Sacred Dragon again has been given a life by kami after Goku ask if kami could bring back his friend who been killed by King Picolo. Instead of giving life back to his friends, kami give life to Sacred Dragon and the dragon will granted any wish including giving goku friends life back. It is quite weird but this is the story ....

After granted the wish to bring back his friends, Sacred Dragon turn to the Dragon Ball and flew separated araound the world.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sacred Water

In Dragon Ball Anime, we will found other weird and magical things both maybe adopted from fairy tales, legend and also blended with the high-tech things.For example we can see that how human could live together with animals (which could talk and act just like human) and also demon from the other world. This things make the anime more interesting. Sacred Water is another example of magical things that blended in this anime.

Sacred Water in Dragon Ball is a holy water that could brings strength and abilities to who ever drink it. The water itself is very poisionus, and the only person who have enough internal power and strength and have a very high of living desire will survive it, if not the person will die, minutes after drinking it. This Sacred Water was kept by the Darkness, and only a person who are good enough to face the challenge will get the water. 

In the episodes of Dragon Ball, Goku manage to get the water and drinking it, and he survive with increase in his strength and abilities. He is more stronger than before. It is believe that, no one has survive after drinking the water. And Gouku has survived.

Return Of The Dragonball

Goku, Master Roshi, and others are returning to your TV. Check this out, Dragonball are returning to Animax Channel, to all fans who are missed the series or newbie followers of the dragonball, this is your chance. But I'm not really sure whether it is world -wide but I'm sure it is live on South East Asia Region.  Dragonball is on animax channel , from monday to friday at 6.30pm (Malaysia Time). And the full 5 series marathon for the whole week is on Saturday, at 9.30pm (also Malaysia Time).

This week summary :- Goku has reached Master Karin Tower with Yajirobe, and discovered that he had to drink Sacred Water in order to fight with Demon King Picolo. He had been directed to search for the Sacred Water with Yajirobe(accidently follow). And manage to drink the Sacred Water after facing all challenge. They ran for the way out and Goku straight to fight King Picolo. Meanwhile, Tenshinhan who had already mastered the mafuba moves also in a way to fight King Picolo.

Tenshinhan arrived first, instead of fighting King Picolo, Tenshinhan had to fight Drum (the newest Picolo Warrior). He had used the mafuba moves but failed. Then Gouku arrived.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Villains

Today we will look at some of the Villains in Dragon Ball series but specifically at the earlier series ..okey the list as below :-

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Emperor Pilaf .
He is one of the Goku enemy which is also interested in collecting Dragon Ball, which he believe could give him power to control the world. Even though he was Goku enemy but he is not even a thread to Goku.

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Supreme Commander Red
He is the Mastermind for the deadly organization called Red Ribbon Army. The organization was said to be the most powerful army at that time. Interested in collecting Dragon Ball and will destroy anybody that stand their way. He has several of powerful officer under him such as General white, General Blue, Colonel silver and others.

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Mercenary Tao
Also named as Tao Pai-Pai. He is an assassin hired by Commander Red to killed Goku. Tao Pai-Pai was a very powerful and the most deadliest and expensive assassin. Fight with Goku but ended losing the battle. Tao Pai-Pai return with his improve version to vengeance Goku in later series.

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General Blue and Colonel Silver
Was among the most powerful officer of Red Ribbon Army. Ordered by Commander Red to find the Dragon Ball. Faced Goku once and ended up losing the battle.

Most powerful opponents to Goku in the 22nd Martial Arts Tournament. He has 3 eyes , a very arrogant man and very proud of his ability and power . After losing to Goku in the final tournament, he changed and be one of Goku friend.

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Demon King Piccolo
Rise from the dead after been released by Emperor Pilaf . Demon King Piccolo was a powerful demon rise to destroy all martial arts in the world. Piccolo desire the power of the eternal dragon to restore his youth in order to rule planet earth. Piccolo left his son Piccolo Jr to continues his mission before he died.

That the list folks, but this is only villains in the earlier series …..

Sunday, December 03, 2006

DragonBall Character.- Goku Friend

1.Son Goku – The main character (see the last post)

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2.Bulma – 16 years teenage old girl who then met Goku and helped him finding the Dragon Ball. She was a genius girl with a lot of gadget.

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3.Kuirrin – Goku best friend, training together with Goku with Master Roshi. He was a bald looking, small monk. Always interested in fighting and joining the Martial arts Tournament.

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4.Yamcha – Was a Bandit live in a jungle, met Goku a be one of the friend, also training with Master Roshi for the 2nd Tournament. Said to be in love with Bulma.

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5.Master Roshi – a legendary Fighter with a very powerful fist. Bald headed old man but love to look at women. A Master for Yamcha, Kuirin, and Goku. Participated in Martial Arts Tournament as Jackie Chun. He has a sister named Baba the Fortune Teller.

6.Launch – a young, pretty women that live with Master Roshi and his student. She has 2 personalities, a nice woman and the other is a very rude and wild blonde woman. She will chance to a blonde wild woman every time she sneeze. And will return to normal after another sneeze.

7.Baba – an old fortune teller woman, she is Master Roshi sister. Only help in a return of money.

I will post for other character next time..see ya !!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Powers and Abilities

There are many powers and abilities that Son Goku and other character used in Dragon Ball series and this is what I have listed for you … Maybe you can try practice those technique hehehehe..

1. Bujukutsu
Means “air dance” which allow Goku to fly using one’s ki by controlling his energy and pushed out from underneath.

2. Genki Dama
Or spirit bomb, one of Goku powerful attack, Draws energy from all life forms and palaces it in deadly ki ball.

3. Hassuken
“The dubbed eight fist”. It was an eight arms attack, in this technique Goku arms are seen to be eight and attack at the same time. Those arms are nothing, and only illusions. With this technique Goku able to fight faster and block more often the attack from opponent.

4. Jan –Ken
The favorite attack by Goku in his earlier Dragon Ball. It means Rock scissors paper fist. The users will shout “Jan Ken” and together with the attack mode ( a strong punch or poke in the eyes)

5. Kamehameha
Also another most popular technique in Dragon Ball series. It is a powerful, constant stream of energy hurled at the opponent through the hands. Beside the basic kamehameha attack, Goku has also other variations of Kamehameha attacks :- Feet kamehameha, Double Kamehameha, Super Kamehameha, Continous Kamehameha, and up to 10x Kamehameha.

Those are some of the Power and Abilities used by Goku in the Dragon Ball series..beside those still there is many more abilities that is not listed aboved was used through out the Dragon Ball series. See ya..

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Goku Hero for Dragon Ball

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Son Goku is the main character of Dragon Ball series, his character is based on the Sun Wukong character in Chinese novel “ Journey to the west ” . Goku is known as cheerful, energetic personality, love competition and eating. He has a pure hard that anyone could imagine (where Devil Akuman cannot explode his bad side in his heart using his deadlist devil beam). In English version in 1980’s Goku is named as Zero. He is 5 feet 7 inches, black hair and dark eyes. He always has seen wearing a custom training outfit with full orange shirt and a blue undershirt, boots belts and a wristband.
Goku was revealed as a Saiyan Race, and it’s birth name is Kakarot. After he was born he was sent to earth in a mission to destroyed the earth civilization for a profits. Saiyan is actually a nearly extinct warrior race and is a space pirates working under an overlord name Freeza. The sole mission of this race is to conquer world and then turn the desolate planets over to Freeza to be sold on the Galactics Markets. Goku father was Bardock who first sent Goku to earth for the missions. But unfortunately , Goku been raised by a good Martial Arts Master, Gohan who thought Goku well. And Goku rejects his heritage and missions.

At the beginning, Goku was a savage child but after facing a head severe resulting Goku heritage missions that been programmed in his head was removed. He becoming innocent and naïve.

As a member of Saiyan race, he has the ability to transform his body to greatly enhance his power and strength from normal to several levels. From Oozaruu to Giji Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan 2nd grade to Ultra Super Saiyan and others until Super Saiyan 4. The powers, body, strength increase each time he transforms to others level .